Interview by Mystical Dragon Bookstore

It was a privilege to be interviewed by one of Carlsbad’s specialist stores. Cristina Burduja, writer for Mystical Dragon, asked questions about success I have never been asked before.

You can read the interview here by clicking on this link.

Barriers to Success

Do you know what yours are?

Ready to eliminate them for good?


Wednesday, January 4th 7:15pm –8:45pm

Three amazing coaches share their gifts of knowledge, experience, techniques and transformation!

Join us in the courtyard at:

Ellie’s Health And Energy Center

3095 State Street, Suite B, Carlsbad, California

This will be an afternoon of amazing inspiration with experiential learning. Drinks, snacks, and homemade sweets will be provided.

Please RSVP to reserve your spot! Ellie 760-415-3560

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Words Create what Thought Imagines

Chapter 1 – 56 Notions of Success (Xlibris: Auckland, January 2015)

Act is the blossom of thought, and joy and suffering are its fruits. – James Allen

It is a privilege to empower persons from different cultures. At the time of this writing, I am contracted as a Corporate Trainer to a major Insurance Corporation. It is wonderful to empower persons from all backgrounds, equipping them with tools for success.

Being based in Auckland, New Zealand, it is rich in culture. One out of every three persons living in Auckland was born outside of New Zealand! It is also home to the largest population of Polynesians in the world. Every week I have new persons from different parts of the world united before me. They all want to be successful.

English is a second language for many of these aspiring business owners. This fact alone challenges me to be ever learning as to how best communicate success principles. My favorite way to get their attention is by using the following statement:

“This is where Christians and Witches agree!”

Polynesians in particular are embedded with a culture of Christianity. The statement arrests their attention—and even more so the attention of the many Christian ministers sitting in my workshops.

I love it!

The context of my statement is introducing the concept of “magic numbers”.

Sales is a numbers game. You work out how many prospects you contacted; calculate the ratio of presentations given; and then count how many closes you made. Learn those three numbers and then put pressure on the system. It takes the pressure off your prospects and yourself.

Where I am currently contracted, the magic numbers are 30-20-10. 30 appointments each week produce 20 presentations of the products. 10 of the 20 presentations average out to be sales. Those three numbers work like magic.

I appreciate Disney and Harry Potter might have tainted our idea of magic. We expect to wave a wand to receive instant results. True magic, however, promotes belief and intent as key to results. Your intentions are of utmost importance! And, of course, whether or not you believe there is a power within you or beyond you to produce the results. That is why I say Witches and Christians agree: both accept faith and heart attitude are required to “move mountains.”

There is a mutual understanding that created results begin in the mind.

Christians teach God desired to create the worlds and thus spoke them into existence. Creation, by their teaching, is a direct result of spoken words that were first conceived as the Creator’s intent.

The first notion of success begins inside of you. What is it you want to create? What is your idea of success? How will you define success? What is the project you wish to complete? You are already thinking about what you want to create. Your intention is to do it. Now believe you can!

This is why daily affirmations are so important. Every day you should audibly “affirm” something positive about yourself, your intent, and your belief. Christians do this by memorizing texts from their bible. Affirmations are encouraged by Jesus where he taught:

Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, “Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea;” and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Mark 11:23

This eternal mother principle of fertility, beauty, happiness and productiveness begins inside your heart. It proceeds from your heart out through your mouth. It leaves your mouth and becomes a reality. It works like magic!

Each notion of success you read ends with a related affirmation. You are encouraged to adapt them for yourself. Every morning state them audibly. You’ll be amazed what it does for you “inside and out.”

Affirmation: I am abundant with unconscious power.

Read more free chapters on and

Virtues of Character

“The man who possesses character excellence does the right thing, at the right time, and in the right way.” – Aristotle

Success is a manifestation of your character. Who you are reveals itself in what you accomplish. Obtaining your success reveals outwardly for all to see what you possess within your person. It is a revelation of your very being.

Ethical success is the work to sustain your accomplishments in a worthy fashion. By this I mean you demonstrate your product or service as something valuable to the marketplace. You can only do this when you recognize that business is an extension of relationships.

And you must understand the depth of the term, virtue.

In today’s English virtue is simply moral excellence. It is a term set aside to express goodness and righteousness. We say that a virtuous person is someone who is good and does the right thing at the right time.

The foundation of today’s English understanding of virtue is built on a deeper meaning. At the turn of the 19th century virtue was a term expressing strength. A person of virtue possessed a substance in physical body. That is not a body builder of muscles but one of inner quality. It is the ability to be strong when tempted to compromise values. That means he does the right things or physically acts out an inner force of potent character.

The intense vigor of fortitude is connected to the English root in its Latin origin. Virtus is from vireo meaning worth. In its radical sense it means strength from straining, stretching, and extending oneself. In other words, it is not something you are born with but something that is gained through faithfulness to your values during times when you are tempted to compromise.

In business, you will be tempted to compromise your values in order to sustain your profit margin. Character is built by sticking with what you know is right even if it might cost you your profit. Truthfully, what really happens is you find a way to make things work through the hard times.

By focusing on the quality of your service you do not have to compromise the quantity of your product. Would you rather stay at a Hilton property or a Motel 6? Hilton does not compromise by devaluing its product. It does the opposite! It promotes its quality and retains leadership within the service sector.

The Latin basis for our English term virtue is why bravery and valor were definitions that preceded moral goodness. It takes guts to sustain your success in an ethical fashion. As Noah Webster explained in his 1828 dictionary, “Virtue is nothing but voluntary obedience to truth.”

Are you marketing something that is truthful? If so you can sustain your success without compromising your values. To do so develops character in you and your business.

The Greek term for virtue in New Testament time was areté (ar-et’-ay). It is goodness expressed through gracious acts. The acts are intentionally practiced to enrich one’s own life and business. By loving yourself in a proper sense you will treat your staff and clients properly.

Aristotle lived well before the New Testament was written. His belief was that genuine happiness lies in action that leads to virtue. To Aristotle, moral virtue was the only practical path to effective action.

If you want your business to sustain its success, you must behave in the right manner. This means you don’t go to extremes. You don’t “butter up” your clients nor do you take advantage of them. You offer a quality service for the right reasons.

Ethical success happens when you receive your personal power that lies within your being. You will attract financial abundance when you stay in touch with all that is naturally upright.

Strive to inherently know how to get what you need with virtue.

Challenge: Ethics is an expression of inner character. Am I doing the right things for the right reasons to sustain success? Or am I justifying my actions with shortcuts?

Timothy Rose, Author, 56 Notions of Success

Growing by Leaps and Bounds

I remember the day I decided I was going to migrate to other side of the world. Typical twenty something, I was hopeful, courageous, daring and willing to take risks.

I also remember a respected community leader telling me I was wrong to imagine such success. He had contacts who told him it couldn’t be done: I would not be able to migrate to New Zealand.

Boy was he wrong! I became a resident of New Zealand and enjoyed that magical country for twenty-four years.

New businesses and new relationships are untangled and unafraid! When we are untangled and unafraid, we are able to grow by leaps and bounds!

Businesses like relationships often become prudent and cautious with age. Dare I say even timid and afraid to grow too quickly?

Experience teaches how to sustain growth with incremental success. This comes from building on top of what is already known.

But is that enough?

Quantum growth—sudden leaps of success in personal and business life—are a result of opening yourself up to what you don’t know!

There is a saying attributed to Albert Einstein that states, the problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.

The problems in your business and relationships will not be solved with the same thinking that created your foundation. Such growth lies in what you haven’t yet learned.

  • LG started as a chemical industry company and moved to hygiene products before becoming the electronic appliance giant of today.
  • Tiffany’s didn’t start by selling high-quality jewelry: it was a New York stationery store in 1837.

Clearly these businesses dared to take a leap of faith and enjoyed boundless growth as a result.

Are you looking to grow in leaps and bounds? Tap into the generosity of your youth and be willing to learn from its daring outlook!

Walkways 07.30.16
Helping the Hurting in Myanmar – Please help me raise “90 Hundreds in 90 Days”

Book Signing & Burma

The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is hosting its 18th Annual Art in the Village on Aug. 14, 2016. Over 150 local artists will be displaying their gorgeous talent in this one-day open-air event.

And yours truly will be enjoying another book signing. I love these events because it gives me an opportunity to have conversations with potential readers. This event will be extra special because it will also be a reunion with those who have already read the book.

I’ll be signing 56 Notions of Success at:


2860 State Street, Carlsbad, California

Sunday, August 14, 2016

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Everyone who purchases a copy will be contributing to a special cause:

Helping to rebuild buildings for an institute in Myramar (Burma) destroyed in recent natural disasters.

Burma is one of the countries whose disasters go unnoticed by the majority. I’ve been in communication with this particular community for more than 4 years. It will be a privilege to finally meet them.

And when I do, I want to be able to hand over a large check to assist in their building projects.

I’ll blog more about this in the near future and set up a way for you to contribute. I’ll be teaching over there for one week this November.

Looking forward to meeting YOU in two weeks.

Fidelity in Relationships

I think the key indicator for wealth is not good grades, work ethic, or IQ. I believe it’s relationships. ― Jarod Kintz

56 Notions of Ethics is being written with the idea that you have reached your desired goal and now you will be tempted with ethical decisions to sustain success. You have landed in new territory. You haven’t been here before. You look all around and can easily become tempted with the trappings of success.

This is where many a business owner and manager forget about the people that helped them reach their goal. Ethical success means you remain faithful in your relationships. Fidelity is lost when you lose the big picture. Having achieved your goal, you plateau. There is no willingness to go on to the bigger picture. You want to partake in selfish glory.

Elizabeth came to me for advice on how to handle her manager. She was doing her best to fulfill her job description but he was accusing her of altering contracts. She insisted she had done no such thing and was distraught with the accusation.

Obviously there is no advice for her on how to handle her manager. The advice was directed towards how to handle herself whilst working for such a person.

As the narrative unfolded, it was apparent her manager had altered contracts in the past to meet his sales goals. He assumed that if he was guilty of this act so must be those around him. Crooked managers look through crooked lens and see crookedness in the actions of good staff. Then they wonder why they have a problem with staff loyalty!

Fidelity in relationships is a cornerstone to sustained success.

Unfortunately, many, like Elizabeth’s manager, tend to be paranoid and spend a lot of time analyzing the past. These same energies could be utilized more effectively learning how to do the right thing going forward.

On a darker side, some give in to impulses and sudden desires. After obtaining their desired level of success, they assume it provides a “right” to excess. The temptations usually arrive in the face of new opposition. Assuming that success is not an event, they neglect further development of their selves. They lose real progress and worse, they lose their lack of purpose.

When leaders choose to be unfaithful in their relationships, it indicates a reluctance to complete what was started. The daring actions that led to success are now used to flirt with unethical actions. It appears as if they have lost their nerve and become indecisive where it matters most.

The temptations of Success are not meant to be snares to bring you down. They are opportunities for you to be propelled further upwards. Learning how to triumph in the face of adversity is not limited to one lesson. It is a constant battle. With Success, you learn how to be cunning in battle.

Losing fidelity in relationships usually come at a time when victory was almost in sight. Yet the problem is just that: obvious victory cannot be seen at that point. You have to trust and believe you can manifest to a new level. Move beyond the temptations and actualize your scope of living from a larger standpoint.

You just might have to stand back and ask yourself, “Where am I allowing the details to get in the way of my sustained success?”

Unfaithfulness in relationships is self-sabotaging. Don’t get caught up in psychological warfare. Lead from the front with your eyes focused on the greater good for all.

Challenge: Ethics is faithfulness in relationships. Do I think I deserve to exploit my successes selfishly? Or am I determined to sustain fidelity in all my relationships?