Take heed to yourselves

I came across an ancient text that read, “take heed unto yourselves.”

Take heed is not something we hear in everyday conversation! Perhaps we have lost the art and science of our own mother tongue?

To take heed is to be cautious, paying attention to all that is around you to protect what is within you. This self-management means you have the responsibility to minister to yourself before you can help others and exercise Universal Love.

To be effective for others, you must first minister to yourself. How do you do this?

man wearing gray and red armour standing on the streets
Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on Pexels.com

1. By patient application of established truths.

Set aside whatever time is necessary to stay true to core values. Rest and refreshment strengthens your God-given talents.  

2. By patient protection of established boundaries.

In the Exodus story, God placed boundaries around the Mount of His appearance and threatened to shot any who crossed the line! It is a great illustration for how you need to protect your inner man from outside influences that steals your love.

  • Take heed of boundary-breakers that abuse your standards.
  • Take heed of boundary-benders that tempt you to compromise your standards.
  • Take heed of boundary-mockers who are envious of your inner strength. 

3. By patient development of your soul.

All consequences are in your charge. You alone are responsible for your actions. Any change you want in your life must come from your relationship with God. 

To love the Lord your God, you must take heed: love God with all your soul and mind; love your neighbour as you love yourself.

When you take heed to yourself, you recognize God as your Creator and love what He has created. In this fashion you can love others and become effective with them.