Why I Was Quiet in 2017

Why my blogging was put on hold during 2017.

To my dear follow bloggers, thank you for sticking with me. Even though I haven’t blogged anything in nearly a year, you have been loyal.

It helps to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et. al.

But that is no excuse!

2017 has been an amazing year:

  • I returned to New Zealand to live….


  • Went bust with a new business idea…


  • Returned to church-related work…


  • Organized a new focus group…


  • Served on several committees…

Committee Meeting

  • Wrote a couple booklets…




Like I said – it has been an amazing year.

There are several projects in the making you’ll hear about as 2018 unfolds.

Thanks again for sticking with me. Your love and support has been a source of strength. You will notice I cleaned up the site a bit; however, some posts were lost along the way. I’ll restore them bit-by-bit. Thank you for your patience.

I pray you will have peaceful blessings in this new year.


Resolutions Work Better with Affirmations

The first step in fulfilling your New Year Resolution is to create an accompanying affirmation.

This is the time when resolutions are made for the New Year. A resolution is a statement articulating an inner determination. To “resolve” to carry out something is directly connected to your will.

The reason most people do not keep their New Year resolutions is because they expressed them from their mind and not their will.

To know what to do is not the same as determining to do what you know.

Such determination comes from the heart.

In the Barriers to Success workshop, we emphasize creating personal affirmations. We have successfully coached many in this technique. It works because it shifts your mind to align with your heart.

To fulfill your New Year’s resolution, create affirmations that describe feelings of successfully fulfilling that resolution. For instance many resolve to loss weight such as, “I am going to lose 25 pounds this year.” Examples of affirmations to help this goal:

  • I am abundant with good health.
  • I love how I feel about who I am.
  • I look good in my clothes.

This thinking aligns our actions to meet the goal. You begin making healthy choices to eat because you daily remind yourself you are abundant in good health. You choose clothes you look good in now and you feel good about who are in the moment.

This transformation is both immediate and long-term. It may take time to actually lose that weight, but you immediately begin to fulfill your Resolution.

May you be blessed with prosperity and abundance in 2017.