Affirmations for Results

Harmonizing who you are with what you want to accomplish is found when you embrace your biggest dreams. To live a balanced life, you cannot ignore your dreams. Part of being happy every day is possessing a passion to pursue goals that connect with your innermost desires. That is why true success is not being a superstar: it is found in fulfilling your dream.

Most people who fail in their dream fail not from lack of ability but from lack of commitment. – Zig Ziglar

I received testimony from a woman who talked about how she grew up learning to dance. She was more than a typical little girl dreaming of becoming a ballerina–she literally did! She danced as part of a National Royal Ballet troupe before realizing she had fulfilled her mother’s dream. What was hers? She set out on her own even moving to another country. There she became a Regional Director of her own Insurance Agency. 


Don’t measure yourself by other’s standards. Don’t be ruled by colleagues, friends, or family’s ideas of what your success looks like. Don’t allow society, churches, clubs, or any other organization dictate what you should or should not do. Only you know the true picture. It lies within your heart. 

  • Dare to dream it. 
  • Dare to imagine it. 
  • Dare to create it. 

Here are 14 Affirmations to Motivate Results from my book, 56 Notions of Success,

  1. I am abundant with unconscious power.
  2. I am a loving visionary leader.
  3. I am loving with a unified body and soul.
  4. I am happy and fulfilled with a safety net.
  5. I have a vision with purpose.
  6. I happily achieve my vision.
  7. I am self-aware and prepared for consequential actions.
  8. I am in harmony with my past, present and future.
  9. I have courage to fulfill my dreams.
  10. I am wealthy in knowledge and give from it freely.
  11. I have power to pursue my dreams.
  12. I am happy and content with my life.
  13. I am content taking charge of my new world.
  14. I am refined bringing high principled ideas.

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How to action goals for achieving success

Do you feel like you can never accomplish your goals?

Are you being held back from practical achievements? Are you struggling with finishing what you start? Are you losing hope you can fulfil your dreams? Don’t lose hope – there is help!

It begins by knowing how to break-down your goal into mini-steps.

The secret to achieving goals is not rocket science. Its method is usually taught by life coaches and fee-paying workshops. They are ‘secret’ only because people do not take the time and energy to put the lessons into practice.

Accomplishing your goals takes more than just identifying them. There are further actions that must be thought through before building your dream career. Sometimes people rush into fulfilling their dream before understanding the “how” to make it a reality. In the words of Steven Covey, author of the classic self-help book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: “Always begin with the end in mind.”

Magic Compass

The diagram above expands the Results section of the compass used in 56 Notions of Success workshops.

  • North is Action—formulate success to gain results
  • West is Results—action your goals for practical achievements.

To formulate the steps toward your goal, never neglect the value of ethics. It is not just about you; it is about achieving the maximum good for all those you touch. You must do the hard work of upholding the Golden Rule while preserving the Golden Mean.

Artistotle Excellence

Practical Exercise

    1. Review your business plan to make sure the desired result is clearly identified.
    2. Adjust your business plan to incorporate your core values in every aspect.
    3. Now take each identified milestone and create a plan of action to reach each one.
    4. Fully concentrate on one milestone at a time and focus on achieving just the milestone, instead of the overall end goal.

Focusing on achieving your overall plan one milestone at a time creates the habit of success. Your business plan will give you steps to achieve a goal. Your milestones, each with their own steps to achieve, are mini-goals. Mini-goals are how you create a habit of success.

Success is not becoming a superstar: that is Fame. Success is fulfilling and exceeding your personal goals.

Timothy Rose, author, 56 Notions of Success

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Keeping the Fire for Goals

Did you have a hard time staying motivated?

Have you ever been really excited to start a project only to lose the enthusiasm? Is there something dampening the fire in your belly burning to reach a target? Are you wanting to give up seeing no reason to finish a task? Don’t lose hope—there is help!

It begins by focusing on the central purpose of any project.

How to keep motivated usually emphasizes focus on the end goal. Focusing is correct, but not on the end goal. The secret of those who enjoy “good” success is not usually taught.

You must focus on your intention to reach the goal, not the goal itself.

To achieve a goal at the expense of others is to lose, not win. To believe it is a win reveals a warfare mentality. The marketplace today requires a new paradigm: winning ethically! Ethics is—and always will be—at the heart of good success.


A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world. Albert Camus


By definition, ethics is appropriate conduct. Your actions are always conducted in relation to society in general and your immediate contacts in particular. Living your life in a way to assist others brings happiness. It is not helping others to obtain happiness: that is egoism. It is offering hope selflessly without promoting selfish agendas.

We acknowledge that ethical success creates leaders. Leadership responsibilities need to be reflected in your business plan. Dream big with your plans and others will come along for the ride. You will attract clients, contacts, and colleagues to propel you to your goals. Take heed to the warning of Immanuel Kant, one of the central figures in modern philosophy:

New Microsoft Publisher Document

So, we come to the crux of the matter: Goals. Your business plan, to become an effective road map, must have its destination clearly identified and marked. You need to answer four questions.

  1. What results do you need to prove your achievement of your Goals?
  2. What areas do you need to consider in order to have Goals of Value?
  3. What things do need to keep motivated? Achievement of your goals don’t just happen; they are created. And lastly,
  4. What actions do you need to take to reach your Goals?

There is a connection between diligence and prosperity. Prosperity is not measured by physical accomplishments but by inner character. Be sure your business plan reflects your life goals before calculating what is needed to do to accomplish them. Without thoughtful, planned commitment, your goals will remain as unaccomplished dreams

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Foundations for Entrepreneurs

Do you feel enslaved to a job you do not want?

Are you being held hostage by circumstances? Are you trying to break free from the shackles of drudgery? Are you losing vision of your hopes and dreams? Don’t lose hope – there is help!

It begins by knowing how to formulate success for proven results.

The secret to success is not intentionally hidden. Its methods are public knowledge. They are ‘secret’ only because people do not take the time and energy to access that knowledge.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is more than just creating a business plan. There are Foundations that must be laid before building your dream career. Sometimes people rush into learning “how to…” before understanding the “why”. I use the following diagram to help individuals and organisations to identify foundations upon which to build new ventures.


The diagram shows a compass to point you in the right direction.

  • North is Action—formulate success to gain results
  • East is Thought—create ethics to sustain your success
  • South is Motivation—uncover the fire of “good” success
  • West is Results—action your goals for practical achievements.

Before you change careers or launch your business, do the hard work of writing down a plan of action. To formulate success, you must begin with the end in mind. What are the Results you want for your business?

Success Clip Art 5

Practical Exercise

  1. Create a business plan to start off on the right foot.
  2. When writing your business plan, begin with where you want to end. What are the goals for your work?
  3. State specific actions you must take to get your results. You are creating a staircase to climb. For instance, if you want to earn $100,000 in your first year, you create a staircase of $2,000 per week. In this way, you are focusing on the smaller amount to create momentum to earn the $100,000.
  4. A one page business plan is powerful when the right words are used. A quantity of words are not required for a guide to success: thoughtful actions are the guide to get results.

You will have to take specific actions to reach your goals. Your business plan not only lists what you want to accomplish, it gives the steps necessary to make it happen. Action creates the success conceived in our mind.

In the next post, you will learn the secret to sustaining success.

Sustaining Momentum

One of the greatest barriers to lasting success is the inability to repeat your initial success.

Momentum is often described as the tendency to repeat recent success.

Momentum is the constant repeating of small steps that build a force of movement. Success begins to happen over and over again. That movement increases in speed. Its quantity of motion in so many small areas of life begin to generate its own power. The created strength becomes an impetus to change the course of events.

How do you sustain such successes in life?

By sustaining momentum.

And how do you sustain such a moving power?

The answer is contained in one word: affirmations.

pexels-photo-127513.jpegThe best affirmations are those constructed just for you.

Practical Exercise:

  1. Identify your goal;
  2. Recognize each step required to reach that goal;
  3. Craft an affirmation related to each step of your goal;
  4. State each affirmation daily without doubt, believing its statement of future position is presently fulfilled.

Every affirmation is like a screw you drive down into your success boardwalk. Have faith in your ability to reach success. You will have whatever you say.

Daily affirmations are key to sustaining momentum. Every day, audibly affirm something positive about yourself, your intent, and your belief.

Affirmations are key to sustaining momentum.

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Measuring Success

Barriers to Success

Measuring Success

A practical exercise to help make your dreams become reality.

How do you make dreams become reality?

Whenever I conduct a workshop on this topic, I reach down below the podium and bring out a tool bag. I would then pull out select tools as illustrations.

One of the tools I drew out was a measuring tape. I would call it, The Success Tape Measure.


The thing about a tape measure is that it is limited and infinite at the same time. I would have someone pull out the tape measure as I held it. We learned that the particular ruler I used could only measure up to 10’.

Does that mean I am limited to constructing something only 10 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 10 feet deep? Of course not! The ruler is merely a standard by which buildings of any size can be built.

And so it is with your goals. Dream big!

In your wildest imagination, what are you doing? Who are you? What have you created? Your vision of success is fuelled by desire. Desire comes from your dreams. Don’t be afraid to be highly imaginative. Dreamy atmospheres around your goals visualize what you truly want to achieve. Be honest with yourself: dream big!

Whereas the hammer illustrates the power of visualization, The Success Tape Measure encourages mindfulness.



Practical Exercise:

  • Identify the steps required to reach your goal
  • Put your goal down in writing
  • Calculate what is needed to accomplish that goal
  • Be mindful of everything around you to reach your goal.

Without thoughtful, planned commitment, your goals will remain as unaccomplished dreams. If the thing is right, you already possess the strength to accomplish your Desire.

The most important question is: “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal?

Barriers to Success

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