New beginnings are so empowering!

That very word, beginning, carries with it the joy of a new birth, the hope of a better future and the peace that the past is irrelevant.

Such a powerful word!

Recently, I outlined Why I Was Quiet in 2017. It wasn’t that I wasn’t active: I just didn’t find the strength to blog. And your response was so encouraging!

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2017 was also special year for all of western civilisation – whether they knew it or not. It was the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses on the local notice board… which just happened to be church doors. The internet of his day was called the Gutenberg Press. Newly invented, it seized the opportunity to spread its technological connection with society.

The rest is history!

Here we are 500 years on, and many still appreciate the wildfire that burned through our western values.

  • Women were elevated.
  • Libraries were created.
  • Public education had its seedlings.

I was privileged to sit on a committee to help with local celebrations. There were plays, public talks, media displays, concerts – it was full on!

And I was privileged to act as Luther in a couple dramas.

Me as Luther

The committee that created the celebrations were with a local Presbyterian church. Presbyterian churches were an indirect creation of Luther. I was asked to deliver one of the public talks. They wanted to know more about the Beginning of their denomination.

The presentation is now available by book – paperback and Kindle! (Click on image below).

Thanks for your encouragement. I’m enjoying the new beginning 2018 has delivered.

Presbyterian Cover


Have you met someone that, after you walk away, you are left totally confused?

How about a circumstance in your life that bewilders beyond comprehension every time you think back and try to figure out what happened?


I know I have.

These past two years, in particular, my internal antennae seemed to be working overtime. They are very attuned to picking up these signals.

What is that?

Don’t get me wrong, I can read a dictionary; I do understand the meaning of the word:

  • disorder
  • upheaval
  • tumult
  • chaos

What is perplexing being how much those words describe people I meet! They are the noun itself: the act of confusing.

Confusion is an action. It is not a nice one either. You walk away from a conversation or business dealing with a lack of clearness or distinctness.

I have come to realise it is a technique used by some to manipulate and control. It is evil genius in action.

For some, it is intentional.


My Sunday School training kicks in at this point:

God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. (1 Cor 14:33)

This blog isn’t a sermon. It’s just that, that verse helps me understand two things about confusing people:

  1. Their actions are ungodly; and
  2. Confusion is the opposite of Peace.

I love my Peace!

I stopped trying to figure out the “Why?” or “What happened?” with some people. It is just who they are. Psychologically, confusion is a disturbed mental state; a disorientation. Some people intentionally keep you off-balance.

My solution has been simple: embrace the idea that some things are okay to be left unresolved.

Tolle Quote

Whenever feasible, I politely withdraw my dealings with any individual or organisation that disturbs my peace.

Peace is so valuable! It is worth far more than any monetary or social connection gained from meddling with someone given to change.

Child Slavery

Slavery was an impetus for Christ’s Advent. The issue still exists today in a more evil form: Child Labour.

Sorry about the sobering topic during a glorious New Zealand Summer – but I have to share this burden.

Over the Christmas season, I helped to organize 6 related services and 2 memorials. It was a tough time. In one of the services, I presented the talk on the Advent Wreath.


Part of organizing was being prepared to lead other services, if necessary. As part of that preparation, I wrote a talk for the Sunday following Christmas.

It was not needed but the research for that topic still burdens me.

Traditionally, the dedication of baby Jesus at the Temple is commemorated. Many years after the account given by Luke, his ministerial colleague, Paul, connected the Advent with Slavery.

I know — its a bit shocking.

What was even more disturbing was learning that Slavery is still an issue – even right here in Godzone New Zealand!

Salvation Army isn’t running from the issue. Their challenging article asks the question, “Are There Slaves In New Zealand?”

The answer, sadly, is yes.


Along the way, I came across some disturbing images from I selected 10 of them to include in the PowerPoint.

Although I didn’t present the talk that Sunday, I feel compelled to post a video of the PowerPoint. I’m reading the notes for the message.

It is called, Divine Adoption. It is saved under my Videos page. You can go directly to the talk here.

At least there is good news – the Advent teaches Soul Liberty is now possible. But we all must still work toward protecting our children.

Thank you for allowing me to share this burden. Together, I’m confident we can create effective measures to put this societal cancer into remission.

Why I Was Quiet in 2017

Why my blogging was put on hold during 2017.

To my dear follow bloggers, thank you for sticking with me. Even though I haven’t blogged anything in nearly a year, you have been loyal.

It helps to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et. al.

But that is no excuse!

2017 has been an amazing year:

  • I returned to New Zealand to live….


  • Went bust with a new business idea…


  • Returned to church-related work…


  • Organized a new focus group…


  • Served on several committees…

Committee Meeting

  • Wrote a couple booklets…




Like I said – it has been an amazing year.

There are several projects in the making you’ll hear about as 2018 unfolds.

Thanks again for sticking with me. Your love and support has been a source of strength. You will notice I cleaned up the site a bit; however, some posts were lost along the way. I’ll restore them bit-by-bit. Thank you for your patience.

I pray you will have peaceful blessings in this new year.


The Value of Routine

Success is obtained by a predesigned routine adhered to faithfully. Routine can also sustain success. It keeps you focused on what truly matters when you are tempted to break the rules.

There will be times after you reach success that chaotic circumstances arrive to confuse you. When mentoring one such person we will name Isaac, I stressed the importance of keeping his appointments for coaching. I have learned that when going through difficult patches in life, keeping appointments forces you to continue even when you feel like quitting.

Isaac expressed a feeling of guilt in keeping his appointments. He explained that he felt like he was just surviving from one to the next. He stated he was not being fair to me as his counselor. The reality, of course, was just the opposite. His guilt was false; his routine was enabling survival; and raw truth is the substance in which success can be rediscovered.

From those appointments where days passed in between, Isaac was encouraged to start implementing a bit of reading, meditating, and exercising. At first he could only handle 5 minutes of each. The time spent was not so important as the creation of the habit.

Determine you will grow and keep every new appointment. Reward yourself with something relaxing. Do not feel guilty. You are developing a routine. You are working with a purpose and resting with intent.

Volunteer for some cause. The regular contribution will fill your calendar. You are living! Visualize a life with Hope. It is within your grasp.

I cannot stress how important it is that you create a routine as soon as possible. This is where Religion can be helpful. Regular attendance to their scheduled services sustains a routine. Opportunities to serve others through their ministries enhance your routine.

Do what you must to develop weekly activities and hold yourself accountable to keep these commitments. You will find Hope opening its door as you develop a routine through Life.

And this is the fascinating intersection of Ethics with Religion.

Being reared with a heavy influence of the religious community, I was always under the impression that ethics is an extension of religion. Imagine how surprised I was once I learned to read classical literature. Discovering that ethics preceded western Christianity was revolutionary. However, to pretend the great sages of old did not have spiritual ideologies is equivalent to burying one’s head in the sand.

Religion is “the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods” (Oxford Dictionary Press). In practice, stripped to its core, Religion is merely routine. It is a set of practices (worship) that exercise their core values (belief). In this sense, Ethics and Religion are one and the same.

Ethics is a faithful adherence to what is perceived as good and right. This begins with integrity. Integrity is being true to one’s self. This practice of self-truthfulness in action expands to a practice of truthfulness in relationships with others. Ethics is the working out of personalized truths and in this sense shares a practice on par with Religion.

Religion did not give birth to Ethics. It is the other way around. The point is that so-called “non-religious” persons are often ethical because of their religious-like practices. They may not belong to a particular worship of God or gods; yet their life is full of routine that elevates values beyond themselves.

And it is the emphasis of this routine that keeps our actions consistent with ethical values.

The Power of Silence

Noise can be used to balance our inner development. More often, however, it is used to escape personal responsibility.

Many people go through life trying to avoid finding themselves. They are afraid of quiet, filling it with music, lectures, and conversations. They are fearful of solitude, making sure they are attending social events and surrounded by family members.

Noise can be used to balance our inner development. More often, however, it is used to escape personal responsibility. The entertainment industry thrives on populace escapism.

Successful persons never stop growing. They believe there is a need for continuous improvement. They are not afraid of quiet meditation and contemplation.

They have learned the power of silence.

When teaching salespersons, I encouraged them to be strong after presenting their close. If they are confident in their product, their presentation, and their person, they can be quiet and wait for the response. In negotiations, the first person who speaks gives away the power.

In personal development, the power is in the silence.

  • Be still and mediate.
  • Be still and contemplate.
  • Be still and listen.

You will be amazed at what you hear!

Love My Ego?

What does it mean to “love yourself”? Are we to love our Ego? No! Your Ego is not your Essence.

Jesus taught the foundation for loving God is built on a love for yourself. He specifically taught: “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matthew 22:39).

When your Essence entered Time, she travelled through a specific Space. The selected path led to a precise landing point. She arrived to manifest herself in You. You are a unique expression of Divinity.

You entered a preselected environment. Your physical conception was a direct result of a combination between a particular male and female. Your emotions were developed by interacting with your local culture. Your abilities were sharpened through exploring your environment’s composition. All of this means your personality was shaped within Time and Place.

Your Person, however, is not who you are. Your Essence is that part of God released into this world to discover the beauty of herself. Your Person is what you are; your Essence is who you are. This difference explains why so many cannot find peace during Life’s crises. They live in ignorance of their true nature. They substitute distractions for substantive reflection. And when a crisis is delivered by Life, they are thrown completely out of balance.

Peter encouraged early Christians to “be partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). You have within the essence of the divine. To love yourself is not to love your Ego or your Personality, it is to love that Holy Spirit within who seeks to empower and reconnect you with the Absolute.

That’s why I say, “It’s Okay to Love Yourself.”