Sustaining Momentum

One of the greatest barriers to lasting success is the inability to repeat your initial success.

Momentum is often described as the tendency to repeat recent success.

Momentum is the constant repeating of small steps that build a force of movement. Success begins to happen over and over again. That movement increases in speed. Its quantity of motion in so many small areas of life begin to generate its own power. The created strength becomes an impetus to change the course of events.

How do you sustain such successes in life?

By sustaining momentum.

And how do you sustain such a moving power?

The answer is contained in one word: affirmations.

pexels-photo-127513.jpegThe best affirmations are those constructed just for you.

Practical Exercise:

  1. Identify your goal;
  2. Recognize each step required to reach that goal;
  3. Craft an affirmation related to each step of your goal;
  4. State each affirmation daily without doubt, believing its statement of future position is presently fulfilled.

Every affirmation is like a screw you drive down into your success boardwalk. Have faith in your ability to reach success. You will have whatever you say.

Daily affirmations are key to sustaining momentum. Every day, audibly affirm something positive about yourself, your intent, and your belief.

Affirmations are key to sustaining momentum.

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Measuring Success

Barriers to Success

Measuring Success

A practical exercise to help make your dreams become reality.

How do you make dreams become reality?

Whenever I conduct a workshop on this topic, I reach down below the podium and bring out a tool bag. I would then pull out select tools as illustrations.

One of the tools I drew out was a measuring tape. I would call it, The Success Tape Measure.


The thing about a tape measure is that it is limited and infinite at the same time. I would have someone pull out the tape measure as I held it. We learned that the particular ruler I used could only measure up to 10’.

Does that mean I am limited to constructing something only 10 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 10 feet deep? Of course not! The ruler is merely a standard by which buildings of any size can be built.

And so it is with your goals. Dream big!

In your wildest imagination, what are you doing? Who are you? What have you created? Your vision of success is fuelled by desire. Desire comes from your dreams. Don’t be afraid to be highly imaginative. Dreamy atmospheres around your goals visualize what you truly want to achieve. Be honest with yourself: dream big!

Whereas the hammer illustrates the power of visualization, The Success Tape Measure encourages mindfulness.



Practical Exercise:

  • Identify the steps required to reach your goal
  • Put your goal down in writing
  • Calculate what is needed to accomplish that goal
  • Be mindful of everything around you to reach your goal.

Without thoughtful, planned commitment, your goals will remain as unaccomplished dreams. If the thing is right, you already possess the strength to accomplish your Desire.

The most important question is: “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal?

Barriers to Success

Desire versus Determination

Barriers to Success

A barrier is like a wall. There is something stopping you from reaching your goal.

If you are like most people, the first major barrier standing in the way of reaching your success, is knowing what success actually looks like. Emma Bambeck was quoted for saying,

Don’t confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other.

Many people are frustrated feeling they can’t find success because they don’t know what it looks like. 

In the concluding chapter of my book, 56 Notions of Success, I write,

Success is not becoming a superstar; that is Fame. Success is fulfilling and exceeding your personal goals… To be able to spend your life pursuing your visions, dreams, and goals is the essence of success. The essence of fame is merely a report of someone’s actions. It is shallow in comparison to true success. Strive for success not superstardom. Pursue your goals, not other’s. That is seeking fame. Any goal must be yours if you are to succeed. 

Success Book Cover

Here is a practical exercise.

  1. Identify what is the single most thing you desire to have right now. It can be a car, house, boat, or material possession, but does not have to be. It could be a better relationship with your partner, child, or sibling. It could be a promotion at work. It could be peace of mind. Don’t worry about what society defines as success.
  2. Next identify the largest obstacle that is stopping you from reaching that goal. It might be lack of education or certification, inability to communicate appropriately, lack of confidence, lack of money; each of us have something personal. Envision that obstacle as a wall. It is blocking your path to success.
  3. Now smash that wall with the biggest, ‘baddest’, mental hammer you can mentally swing.

Let’s say you wrote down: “I want to have a better relationship with my partner.” Now ask yourself, “What does it look like?” You say you want a better relationship; what does that mean? You have identified a desire of your heart and that is fabulous; however,

you will never fulfill that desire until you do the hard work of mentally identifying what it looks like.


I am challenging you to articulate the end result you desire. If you can envision what it looks like, you can smash the limitation with a visualized hammer.

Clear your path to success and keep your goal for 2018 alive!


Living with pain, distress or grief can be miserable.

That is if you choose it to be. One of the most liberating lessons in my life was learning I could choose happiness.


You cannot always control the arrival of calamities; you can control their effect. Disease, disorder and hardship is an understandable cause of pain. Pain, whether it is physical, mental or emotional, is very real.

Equally powerful are persecution from family, friends and colleagues. The anguish is undeniable. Adversity is an anguish to your soul. It can lead to depression.

And you still have a choice to be content.

Misfortune is a part of being human. So too is happiness and contentment. The key is to identify that there is hope!

Hope Cover 2018

There has been a good response to the launch of my latest book, Finding Hope. I said you would be informed when the e-book was available.

It is a privilege to announce Finding Hope is now available as an e-book as well as a paperback.

If you buy the paperback from, you can receive the e-book for free!


Thank you everyone who have been supportive of my writings. It is very humbling.

Peaceful blessings,


Life’s Fourth Stage

Here is what I have learned from working with precious persons in Life’s final stage.

Working with those at Life’s end reaffirms my Hope.

Those who have read 56 Notions of Success are familiar with my near-death experience. I shared the story in my most recent publication, Finding Hope: How I rebuilt my life after it fell apart.

Laying on a hospital bed, feeling life depart, only 20 years old: I chose to live. I had to fight for Life. I had to pray for Life. I had to work for Life. But it was a choice.

Fourth Stage – what is that anyway?

Perhaps you have not heard of the end of life as a fourth stage? You probably are familiar with other ‘fourth stage’ situations.

  • Giving birth to a baby is said to be in stage 4 during the first 2-3 hours after birth.
  • Teenagers are the fourth stage in a child’s cognitive development. That is when the teenager begins to think about moral, philosophical, ethical, social, and political issues.
  • Cancer is said to be in stage 4 when it has spread far away from where it started (metastasis).
  • Cruelty is the fourth stage in the life of fictional character Tom Nero. The classic image below by William Hogarth shows a public dissection of the infamous character’s dead body.


In each of the above examples, the fourth stage is referred to as the last stage. There is no fifth stage.

Stage 4 is final.

Hogarth’s image depicts the fear many have when contemplating the fourth stage in life.

Hope awaits you even in Stage 4!

Here is what I have learned from working with precious persons in Stage 4: it is an opportunity!

  • To finally shed all the guilt, burdens and care you have carried through the years.
  • To prepare for the transitional chapter in your book of life.
  • To enjoy the enlightenment you have been dancing around for so long.

I know when I was faced with death when just inside the second stage of my life, I was totally prepared. I felt peace, calm and tranquility.

Passing that threshold gave me confidence in my Faith and chosen Lord. Returning to service gave me purpose and fulfilment.

There is Hope even at death’s door.

Peace During Trouble

My talk this Sunday will reflect on how to find peace during trouble.

This past week, I blogged 2 posts that were personal:

I want to thank everyone who has been supportive. I also want to encourage those who started following my blog because of those posts.

I can sense your hurt and search for healing. I get it. Thankfully, you can tell I’ve been there. I don’t have all the answers. I only have my story. The fact it resonates with you means a lot to me.

One of the most important techniques I used to heal was to identify when I was a peace.

When you are in trouble, it is not natural to think you already have peace. You cry for it; you long for it; you talk about it: but you do not consider it is already in your possession!

Your grief comes across you in waves. It is like you are standing in the water at the edge of the surf. Wave after wave crashes over you. Grief is not friendly. It knocks you over.


In between those powerful waves, there is calm.

Where are you at? Literally. Are you with a particular friend? Are you with a certain group of people? Are you watching a movie? What is it that you are doing when you feel a bit of calm in your life?

Identify the times you feel more at ease with yourself.

And then stay there.

Easier said than done, I know. The idea is to learn to love yourself and take care of yourself. You also learn who to stay away from — some people are just plain toxic!

Peace CAN be found during trouble.

I would love to hear about your ideas and experiences.

Peaceful blessings on your weekend.


P.S. I am speaking this Sunday at Albany Presbyterian Church. If you are in the area, please drop by.

P.P.S. Thank you everyone who purchased my most recent book, Finding Hope: How I rebuilt my life after it fell apart.


To be misused and maltreated only begins to describe the victim.

Violated of rights and privileges, the abused are deceived. The rude treatment from ill-tempered, seductive persons is difficult to articulate. Especially when the abuse is afflicted by someone living in your own home.

According to a New Zealand government fact-finding committee, about half of all homicides in New Zealand are committed by an offender who is identified as family.


  • Being beaten and having your clothes ripped off your body is a harrowing experience.
  • Being cussed at is the easy part: it’s the reproachful language that causes you to question your own integrity that is confusing.

76% of family violence incidents are NOT reported to Police.

The police did come once – and then they left. That did two things in my situation:

  • The abuse intensified; and
  • I began to find strength to face reality.

Reviling words; corrupt practices: Hope begins to set below the horizon of your life. Like the Sun going down, you fear what will happen in the night. You cling onto the sliver of Moon’s light of Hope. And then you begin to wonder if the Sun will ever return.

Hope is there! The Sun can rise again to shine its warmth down into your life. That is why I am sharing the techniques I used to rebuild my life after experiencing such Despair.

Hope Cover 2018


(Click here or on the Image to learn how to get your copy)

Although most attention goes onto partner abuse as male against female – with the statistics to justify the attention – in the four years from 2009 – 2012, Family Violence website reports:

24% of the intimate partner abuse were perpetrated by women.

Sadly, things are not getting better in New Zealand. Police investigated 118,910 incidents of family violence in 2016 or about one every 5 minutes.

“It’s OK to ask for help.”

Family Violence

The road to recovery will be long. But you will come out of the darkness. I have! Simple steps must be taken. No one will understand just hard it will be unless they have walked in those shoes.

You are worthy to love yourself.

If you don’t know what else to do, call 0800 456 450.

Peaceful blessings await you.


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