Welcome to my blog site. It records some of my thoughts as a sojourner through life seeking the beauty of WISDOM; hence the tag line, Wandering In Spiritual Domains Of Might.

The blog site is a continuation of praemissions, an acronym for Pacfic Rim Area Empowerment (PRAE) missions. It was launched in 1997 as a means to empower communities and community leaders. Under the direction of its founder, Dr. Timothy Rose, PRAE Missions has participated in diverse projects such as:

  • Project manage a church building in one of Auckland, New Zealand’s western suburbs;
  • Raise funds to build a school and several church buildings in Papua New Guinea; and
  • Raise support of localized spiritual workers throughout the Pacific Rim Area.

Many opportunities to speak around North America and Oceania have included week-long trips to:

  • Chatham Islands;
  • Rarotonga (Cook Islands);
  • Upolu (Samoa);
  • Alice Springs (Australia); and
  • Seoul (South Korea).

Pacific Rim Area Empowerment is based once again in Auckland, New Zealand where Dr. Timothy Rose continues to write, teach, and minister.


Timothy Rose, DDiv, MTh

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