Social Responsibility

It is impossible to create a system of Ethics from a position of isolation.

Universal principles about giving are now recognized within business operations. “To give is better than to receive.” The difficulty for Corporate is that receiving is the essence of their existence. Statistical data may indicate higher receipts if you give back and for some is the sole only motivation for a Corporate to adopt/partner with a cause.

It is the heart of the giver—not the act—that counts.

Sally informed me once how she was paying claims for a national insurance company. The claim was going through its normal process of investigation and delay. The claimant finally rang Sally and challenged the process. You see, the claimant was suffering from a particular type of cancer that the insurance company advertised as a supporting partner in its research.

Sally brought this to the attention of her manager. The manager then directed Sally to upper management. There they ruled in favor of the claimant to expedite the case. Why? Because they believe in their cause?

No, it was for the sake of public relations.

I’m afraid that many businesses adopt a cause solely for PR purposes. In other words, it’s about what they get instead of what they give. It is very difficult for money driven, profit obsessed organizations to embrace altruism. Yet their survival is dependent upon that very act: embracing the desire to give back.


Yves Smith posted a story on titled, “Corporate Greed is Killing Investment” (March 6, 2015). The essence of his argument is that the fixation on quarterly earnings sacrifices longer-term performance for short term gains. The obsession on ensuring shareholders are happy seems to be at the cost of prudent expenditures.

Challenge: Ethics is about giving for the benefit of others and not for self- promotion. Are your money decisions based on what is best for future generations? Or are you making financial decisions to meet an immediate desire?

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Author: A Sojourner's Diary

Dr Timothy Rose is a long-term student of ancient writings seeking practical wisdom for the life journey under the sun.

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