Measuring Success

A practical exercise to help make your dreams become reality.

How do you make dreams become reality?

Whenever I conduct a workshop on this topic, I reach down below the podium and bring out a tool bag. I would then pull out select tools as illustrations.

One of the tools I drew out was a measuring tape. I would call it, The Success Tape Measure.


The thing about a tape measure is that it is limited and infinite at the same time. I would have someone pull out the tape measure as I held it. We learned that the particular ruler I used could only measure up to 10’.

Does that mean I am limited to constructing something only 10 feet high, 10 feet wide, and 10 feet deep? Of course not! The ruler is merely a standard by which buildings of any size can be built.

And so it is with your goals. Dream big!

In your wildest imagination, what are you doing? Who are you? What have you created? Your vision of success is fuelled by desire. Desire comes from your dreams. Don’t be afraid to be highly imaginative. Dreamy atmospheres around your goals visualize what you truly want to achieve. Be honest with yourself: dream big!

Whereas the hammer illustrates the power of visualization, The Success Tape Measure encourages mindfulness.



Practical Exercise:

  • Identify the steps required to reach your goal
  • Put your goal down in writing
  • Calculate what is needed to accomplish that goal
  • Be mindful of everything around you to reach your goal.

Without thoughtful, planned commitment, your goals will remain as unaccomplished dreams. If the thing is right, you already possess the strength to accomplish your Desire.

The most important question is: “Am I willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal?

Barriers to Success

Desire versus Determination

Author: A Sojourner's Diary

Dr Timothy Rose is a long-term student of ancient writings seeking practical wisdom for the life journey under the sun.

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