Barriers to Success

A barrier is like a wall. There is something stopping you from reaching your goal.

If you are like most people, the first major barrier standing in the way of reaching your success, is knowing what success actually looks like. Emma Bambeck was quoted for saying,

Don’t confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other.

Many people are frustrated feeling they can’t find success because they don’t know what it looks like. 

In the concluding chapter of my book, 56 Notions of Success, I write,

Success is not becoming a superstar; that is Fame. Success is fulfilling and exceeding your personal goals… To be able to spend your life pursuing your visions, dreams, and goals is the essence of success. The essence of fame is merely a report of someone’s actions. It is shallow in comparison to true success. Strive for success not superstardom. Pursue your goals, not other’s. That is seeking fame. Any goal must be yours if you are to succeed. 

Success Book Cover

Here is a practical exercise.

  1. Identify what is the single most thing you desire to have right now. It can be a car, house, boat, or material possession, but does not have to be. It could be a better relationship with your partner, child, or sibling. It could be a promotion at work. It could be peace of mind. Don’t worry about what society defines as success.
  2. Next identify the largest obstacle that is stopping you from reaching that goal. It might be lack of education or certification, inability to communicate appropriately, lack of confidence, lack of money; each of us have something personal. Envision that obstacle as a wall. It is blocking your path to success.
  3. Now smash that wall with the biggest, ‘baddest’, mental hammer you can mentally swing.

Let’s say you wrote down: “I want to have a better relationship with my partner.” Now ask yourself, “What does it look like?” You say you want a better relationship; what does that mean? You have identified a desire of your heart and that is fabulous; however,

you will never fulfill that desire until you do the hard work of mentally identifying what it looks like.


I am challenging you to articulate the end result you desire. If you can envision what it looks like, you can smash the limitation with a visualized hammer.

Clear your path to success and keep your goal for 2018 alive!

Author: A Sojourner's Diary

Dr Timothy Rose is a long-term student of ancient writings seeking practical wisdom for the life journey under the sun.

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