The Feeble Cony

If a rabbit can survive with its bounce through life, surely we can endure the emotional fires that scorch our daily routine?

The other day I was driving through the parking lot of a hotel property and saw an amazing sight. In the midst of America’s 8th largest city, there was a wild rabbit forging for food. Obviously it hopped away as soon as it saw my moving vehicle. What amazing survival skills!

It reminded me of a Proverb preserved by King Solomon:

The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks. — Proverbs 30:26

Conies are rabbit-like creatures with no tail and naked ears.  The biggest difference is in their feet.  Conies cannot burrow into the ground. That is why they live under the clefts of rocks in high hills.  Imagine: feeble rabbits living among mountain lions and wild goats!

Coney on High

If a rabbit can survive with its bounce through life, surely we can endure the emotional fires that scorch our daily routine? Spiritual persons are often viewed as “weak” minded by the materialists. Yet the same onlookers mysteriously wonder how we find such strength! They are blinded to the source of our strength: the inner Wisdom of Christ.

Conies are cud-chewing animals much like cows! Personal development is possible by “chewing” on inspirational writings. Be sure to spend time each day reading. It is a key to your success. Listening to expositions of such readings with others is like a safety net. That is because there is strength in numbers.

You see, conies remain vibrant by living in flocks and herds. An individual cony is more likely to escape an attack if it is just one among many targets. Predators often grow confused when confronted with multiple targets. The spiritually-minded need to remember that their inner health is dependent on assembling with like-minded persons. Like the cony, we are designed to be connected. Relationships are a key to our survival.

Conies under Rock

These “feeble folk” have a wisdom every one of us should emulate. They teach us how to dwell in those Divine high places!

Author: A Sojourner's Diary

Dr Timothy Rose is a long-term student of ancient writings seeking practical wisdom for the life journey under the sun.

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