Helping the Hurting in Myanmar

I’ve never done this before!

I’ve created my first GO FUND ME campagin.

Many are aware of my involvement in with overseas mission work since 1991. Predominately I have assisted communities in the Pacific Rim Area; however, a special need has touched my heart in Myanmar (formally Burma).

4 years ago I was contacted by Thomas who asked me to come teach and preach in his home area. I knew very little of Myanmar back then. However, since Thomas contacted me, I have learned much.

Thomas lives in Chin State. It is located in the northern west border of Bangeldash. According to British Broadcasting Company, “The Chin people, … are one of the most persecuted minority groups in Burma.”

Wikipedia explains the on-going ethnic and religious persecution if you want to read more.

Yet I have never hear Thomas complain about persecution.

It is the opposite.

He started “Hope Children Education Center ” to rescue thousands of children from the life of poverty and hopelessness.

He created “Dynamic Literature Ministry” so that Christ’s virtures could be read. Thomas explains: “Our country does not have many biblical resources as is found in the English language countries.” So they translate, publish, and distribute reading materials at no cost to thier fellow citizens.

Since the few short years I have known Thomas, he has reported natural disasters that are just a fleeting mention in our news wires. These disasters add hardship to the difficult life already endured.

In a little more than 90 days, I will be with Thomas in the Chin State. I am raising $9,000 for the organization that overseas these ministries, “National Partnership Missions.

My trip is already paid for and your contributions are not for me. All you give will help a persecuted, poverty-stricken people with basic life needs:

*  Education;
*  School supplies;
*  Reading material.

Will you not help me raise “90 hundreds in 90 days”?

National Partnership Missions has founded “Freedom Bible Institute .” These are special people being trained how to minister to their people’s unique circumstances.

November 5-11, 2016, I will be meeting these wonderful beings. Thomas will be taking me throughout that week to different groups associated with National Partnership Missions.

He has asked me to teach and preach about missions. He wants to encourage the students and workers to promote the message of Christ’s love.

Click here and help the hurting in Myanmar.

It would be an honor and privilege to stand before these hurting people and tell them how much YOU care for them by your prayers and financial contributions.

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Author: A Sojourner's Diary

Dr Timothy Rose is a long-term student of ancient writings seeking practical wisdom for the life journey under the sun.

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