Renewing Your Mind

There is healing power in routine.

Much pain exists in the mind. Emotional hurts; psychological battles; relationship issues; all are very painful. Although they are not physically induced they affect our physical health. The old adage is true: a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. The concept itself is ancient. A first century apologist for Jesus’ teachings preserved the concept it when he wrote:

And be renewed in the spirit of your mind.

The mental existence requires spiritual power to overcome the effects on the physical body. Spiritual renewal of the mind is a daily exercise in meditation, quality reading, and beautiful art. Unfortunately, most today feed on the negativity of news items, violent entertainment, and harsh music.

When living in New Zealand, a mark was made among real estate sales agents by a particular USA speaker. His inspirational talks made a lasting impression that helped increased their sales. Of course that lead to an increase in personal wealth and expanded lifestyle. What was the key message?

The speaker shared the story of a USA company that had 90% of their sales produced by 5% of their staff. Many involved with sales organizations recognize this phenomenon. What made this company different, however, was they investigated how they could increase the effectiveness of the 5% by learning the secrets of the 90%.

Monitors were hired to follow the leading sales persons throughout their daily routine. They slept in their homes, taking notes of every little thing they did from the time they got out of bed, through their work day, while selling, right up to when they returned to bed.

After two weeks, the research was compiled. A common denominator was discovered: each sales person had a routine they were not ashamed to repeat. Every Monday, they did the same thing as the Monday before. Every Tuesday, they mimicked the Tuesday before and so on through every day of the week.

The key to their success was daily renewing their tasks.

Renewing your mind on a daily basis leads to more than monetary gain: it yields strong character unashamed of spirituality. It recognizes the source of power in the physical realm is rooted in another.

It is a daily task. Great concentration is required to overcome the evil within society. Mental concentration avoids becoming weary in well-doing. Renewing your mind spiritually each day transforms your character as evil is shunned. A daily determined effort to renew your mind by spiritual means will generate joy and purpose. It is your spirit that will determine your mind guiding your body through routine.

There is healing power in routine.

Author: A Sojourner's Diary

Dr Timothy Rose is a long-term student of ancient writings seeking practical wisdom for the life journey under the sun.

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